Run The Jewels x Dunk Low SB ‘4/20’ Royal Blue DO9404-400


Run The Jewels x Dunk Low SB ‘4/20’
Style: DO9404-400
Colorway: Deep Royal Blue/Active Pink/Blue Chill
Retail Price: $130
Release Date: 04/20/2023


In an exciting collaboration, Run The Jewels teamed up with Nike to unveil their highly anticipated debut sneaker, the Nike SB Dunk Low Run The Jewels DO9404-400. Drawing inspiration from the iconic artwork of the Run The Jewels 3 album cover, these sneakers embody the spirit of the acclaimed musical duo.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Nike SB Dunk Low Run The Jewels showcases a captivating combination of materials and colors. The luxurious blue suede uppers create a bold and vibrant foundation, beautifully contrasting with the translucent blue outsole that adds an element of modern flair. Adding to the visual appeal, Nike incorporated pink suede for the Swoosh, infusing the design with a touch of playful elegance. To further elevate the sneaker’s aesthetics, gold branded accents adorn the heel and tongue, exuding a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

As a limited edition release, the Run The Jewels Nike SB shoes proudly features RTJ branding on the insoles, showcasing the collaboration in all its glory. To offer versatility and personalization, the sneakers come complete with three sets of laces in different shades of blue, allowing wearers to customize their look to suit their unique style.

With their innovative design and rich symbolism, the Nike SB Dunk Low Run The Jewels encapsulates the creative essence of Run The Jewels, making it a must-have for fans and sneaker enthusiasts alike. Step into a world where music and fashion intertwine, and experience the embodiment of artistry and self-expression in every stride.


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