Nike Dunk Low x Kasina Neptune Green CZ6501-101 (Men’s)


Model No: CZ6501-101
Nickname: Road Sign
Color Way: Neptune Green
Upper Material: Suede
Closure: Lacing
Release Date: 2020-09-18

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The Nike Kasina x Dunk Low ‘Road Sign’ CZ6501-101 pays a remarkable tribute to the renowned Korean highway that connects two major cities, Busan and Seoul. This exclusive sneaker is a true gem for both Nike enthusiasts and fans of the esteemed Kasina brand.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the shoe boasts an exquisite blend of premium materials. The smooth off-white leather, combined with the striking Neptune Green suede, creates a visually stunning contrast. Accentuating the design, the Swooshes are elegantly adorned in grey suede, while the heel tabs feature a deep navy blue hue.

Notably, the unique touch on the heel tabs includes the city names ‘Busan’ and ‘Seoul,’ showcasing the importance of the iconic highway that inspired this masterpiece. On the lateral heel, the proud Kasina logo further reinforces the collaboration’s significance and its homage to Korean heritage.

Delving into cultural appreciation, the tongue tag bears Kasina’s name stylishly displayed in beautifully intricate Korean lettering. This detail adds a touch of authenticity and acknowledges the brand’s roots, resonating with fans on a deeper level.

With its limited-edition status, the Nike Kasina x Dunk Low ‘Road Sign’ CZ6501-101 is undoubtedly destined to become a highly sought-after collector’s item. Beyond its striking appearance, this shoe carries a narrative of connectivity, cultural celebration, and artistic collaboration, making it an extraordinary addition to any sneaker aficionado’s collection.


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