adidas Yeezy Foam Runner ‘MX Cinder’ ID4126


Colorway: MX Cinder/MX Cinder/MX Cinder
Release Date: 05/31/2023

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The adidas Yeezy Foam Runner ‘MX Cinder’ ID4126 is a fresh and vibrant take on the slip-on silhouette. These innovative sneakers feature a unique blend of earthy brown and tan tones, brought to life with captivating splashes of aqua blue atop the vamp.

Crafted from injected EVA foam, the Yeezy Foam Runner ‘MX Cinder’ boasts a seamless, one-piece upper that offers a lightweight and comfortable fit. Strategically placed vents throughout the upper enhance breathability, allowing for a cooling sensation during wear.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the footbed of these sneakers is equipped with a soft top layer, ensuring a luxurious step-in feel. Whether you’re running errands or spending a casual day out, the Yeezy Foam Runner ‘MX Cinder’ ID4126 will keep your feet feeling relaxed and pampered.

Beneath your feet, the contoured outsole of these sneakers features a wavy tread pattern, providing exceptional grip and traction on various surfaces. This ensures stability and confidence with every step you take, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Embrace the harmonious blend of style and functionality with the adidas Yeezy Foam Runner ‘MX Cinder.’ Its eye-catching color accents and modern design elevate your fashion game, allowing you to express your unique personality. Step into the future of footwear and experience the unparalleled comfort and striking aesthetics of these remarkable sneakers.


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